Tunelighting Podcast – Building a Fanbase With Reagan Ramm From Orpheus Audio Academy

The Tunelighting podcast is a podcast where we have been writing and recording a full album in one year part time. We have been running this as a bit of an experiment and hopefully to make a useful template for other to follow!

In this week’s episode, with the album almost ready to be released, we speak to Reagan Ramm from Orpheus Audio Academy about marketing and building a fanbase of loyal fans who will actually listen to this music we have been making.

The episode is available on all podcast platforms or you can listen on the player below.

Head to www.orpheusaudioacademy.com/fanbase for Regan’s great guide for getting started building a fan base.

Rob Wreglesworth

Rob has come to terms with the fact he will probably never be a famous rock star....but that hasn't stopped him from writing and recording music in his home studio. Rob has over 15 years experience of recording music at home.

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