Recommended Equipment

Firstly, if you want a definitive guide to all the essentials for a home recording studio, check out this article.

I have spent a long time buying, testing and sometimes even breaking all sorts of musical equipment over the years. This could be in a live band setup or in my home studio, which has moved, changed size and shape over the years.

These items are not necessarily the top of the range, highest priced items. These are items that I have been able to afford to gradually add to my studio over the years.

Ok so there may be better options and with music, taste counts for a lot so you have to grant me some artistic license here! If there is a rare $10,000 analog vintage synth that I haven’t recommended it is probably because a) I’ve never tried it myself or b) I don’t want to offer you things you can’t afford.

This page also mainly focuses on new gear and not second-hand stuff. I have bought my fair share of second-hand gear over the years and it is great fun to try and grab a bargain. But with variable prices and quality, I am sticking to new equipment for now.

The price, size and spec of gear will vary massively between everyone from those who just want to mess around and record the odd song for fun. To those who are looking to record music to a high standard and publish it to the world. So I have tried my best to include a mixture of things where I can…..without overwhelming you with choice at the same time.

So if you want to know my recommended equipment have a click below and explore!

Best Monitor Speakers

Best Headphones

Best Audio Interface

Best Computer/ Laptop

Best Midi Controllers/ Keyboards

Or if you want to know how to build a studio on a budget, check out my budget recommendations here.