Best Monitor Speakers

Best Monitor Speakers


Monitor speakers are an essential item for mixing any music in your home studio. You can mix in (good) headphones but it is always worth having monitor speakers to listen back to get a true sound of what your finished product will sound like to the end listener.

If you are going to spend most of your money on one item then these should be that item. It is an investment and if you buy well they will hopefully last you a long time.

My current speakers have been a mainstay in my studio for about the past 5 years now is my monitor speakers. I’ve got no reason to change them, they are awesome.

They are my Yamaha HS7s (available here on Amazon). When I first bought them I did a lot of research. Checked out what other friends had etc.

I found that a lot of my friends who were producing electronic music on a budget had opted for the KRK Rokit 5s. These are great speakers for their price there is no denying. Especially if you are just messing around or maybe doing a bit of live mixing for example.

The problem is the reason they sound so good is partially down to the fact that the bass is quite ‘over-hyped’. This means whatever you play will sound awesome.But it is not really giving you a realistic impression of what everyone else will hear when they play your music.

The great thing about the Yamaha HS7s is that they give you a true impression of the sound. They don’t overemphasize the bass as much and therefore, what you hear is what you get. This is what you should be looking for in a monitor speaker. The last thing you want is your friends telling you they can’t hear any bass through there iPhone headphones.

I bought them in white but they are also available in black if that suits your studio look more.

These are powered speakers with each speaker having its own input. So you could technically just run one of these speakers on its own….not that you would want to.

They come with some nice added features that you wouldn’t get on cheaper speakers which allow you to tweak little things to get the perfect sound.

What are room control and high trim?

Room control is a very handy feature to have. As you can see in my picture at the top I have my speakers very close to a wall. The room control allows me to attenuate the unnatural and exaggerated low end which is caused by having them in such a position.

So if you like me are limited to a small room (which I’m guessing is likely) then this is a nice feature.

High trim basically allows you to have more control over higher frequencies so you can boose or lower them if you find you are getting too many high frequencies in your mixes.



What is the difference between the HS7 and the HS5 or HS8?


As with everything on my site I am recommending the HS7 speakers as I own them and did a lot of research before buying them. But you may notice Yamaha offer a cheaper HS5 version and a more pricey HS8 version.

The HS5s are slightly smaller and so you won’t get quite the same bass response as you do with the HS7s. The HS5s measure just 11 inches in height as opposed to the 13 inch HS7s. If you have a really small room then the HS5s may be all you need but they don’t give you much room to grow. You could add a subwoofer later if you wanted though. As I mentioned above I wouldn’t worry too much about excessive bass from the HS7s in a smaller room as they have the room control tweaks. I use them in a fairly small room and they sound amazing!

The HS8s are the bigger brother of the HS7s and would maybe be a better option if your home studio is a larger room.

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