About Rob Wreglesworth

Rob Wreglesworth is the founder, creator and lead writer at Musician’s HQ. He has been recording music at home for over 15 years.

We also have many guides by other talented music producers, you can see more about the site as a whole here.

My Story

Hi, I’m Rob

Like so many other people, my musical journey started out playing in a high-school band at the age of 16 (that’s me with the left with the questionable guitar and even more questionable hairstyle!).

Unfortunately, we never did manage to headline Glastonbury Festival, but it did ignite a passion for writing and recording music.

With the band gone, I wasn’t ready to give up on music completely and so I started to build a recording studio in the corner of my tiny apartment in Manchester, England.

But as I was doing this, I found myself spending hours reading books, watching youtube videos and scouring the forums to answer sometimes even the most simple of questions.

So I thought, why keep this to myself? why not share it with other people too? So here at Musician’s HQ, you will find articles answering questions that I found useful as someone just starting out on the home recording journey.

I have spent hundreds of hours researching and practicing so you don’t have to.

I found that many blogs and forums out there were written and aimed at people who already had a good knowledge of technical jargon and knowledge of equipment.

You also get a lot of ‘musical snobbery’, where people mock one another for perhaps not getting a professional quality sound at home!

There will be no musical snobbery here. I believe that producing music at home should be fun, enjoyable, affordable, and accessible to anyone.

I will make genuine recommendations

Many blogs out there will bombard you with review articles and equipment guides. But often this leaves you with too much choice and even more confused than when you started.

Here, when I recommend equipment it will be equipment I have owned myself or know someone who owns. Where I can, I will just provide my ‘top’ recommendation which I use now so you know it works for me at least, so hopefully, it will for you too.

I like to test (and sometimes break) things to help you out. I recently spent a whole year testing singing apps to find the best one!

I am always learning

Most importantly of all, I am always striving to learn more.

I have been recording music at home for 15 years now but there is always more to learn.

To accelerate this learning, last year I set out to write and record an entire album from scratch using equipment anyone can find at home. We’ve been documenting this in a podcast and the hope is this will lead to even more tips to help you! We’ve interviewed vocal coaches, producers, and other artists along the way.

The album will be out in 2021, I hope!

This has since lead to me being invited to interview on other podcasts such as the Music Production Podcast.

I hope you find this blog useful and relateable and it allows you to record music at home, whatever your skill level, whatever your budget and whatever your age!