About Rob Wreglesworth

Rob Wreglesworth

Rob Wreglesworth is the founder, creator and lead writer at Musician’s HQ. He has been recording music at home for almost 15 years.Get In Touch

My Story

Hi, I’m Rob

I created Musician’s HQ as a resource to help anyone who is (like I was many years ago) starting to record their own music at home.

When I first started my home recording journey, I found myself spending hours reading books, watching youtube videos and scouring the forums to answer sometimes even the most simple of questions.

So I thought, why keep this to myself? why not share it with other people too? So here at Musician’s HQ, you will find articles answering questions that I found useful as someone just starting out on the home recording journey.

I have spent hundreds of hours researching and practicing so you don’t have to.

I found that many blogs and forums out there were written and aimed at people who already had a good knowledge of technical jargon and knowledge of equipment.

You also get a lot of ‘musical snobbery’ as I like to call it, where people mock one another for perhaps not getting a professional quality sound at home!

There will be no musical snobbery here. I believe that producing music at home should be fun and enjoyable.

I will make genuine recommendations

Many blogs out there will bombard you with review articles and equipment guides. But often this leaves you with too much choice and even more confused than when you started.

Here when I recommend equipment it will be equipment I have owned myself or know someone who owns. Where I can, I will just provide my ‘top’ recommendation which I use now so you know it works for me at least, so hopefully, it will for you too!

I am still learning

Most importantly of all, I am still learning myself.

I have been recording music at home for almost 15 years now but I still have to much to find out. I hope that not coming from a trained background and teaching myself everything I will be able to provide useful tips and insights that professional producers may overlook.