New Podcast! – Can we write and produce an album in just one year?

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The aim is simple, the task probably not: two people attempt to write and record an album, in one year, while holding down full-time jobs – a process we are now calling ‘Tunelighting’.

Can it be done?

In this podcast series, friends Jack Edwards and Rob Wreglesworth (from will document their journey from day one – where they have no band name, no songs and no idea where to start – to day 365, where they will (hopefully) have a completed musical record.

Each episode will cover a different subject related to recording music at home, sharing tips, insights and lessons learned along the way.

The hope is that this podcast can act as a template for anyone else who wants to try Tunelighting!

Feel free to email the show at with questions, ideas and comments!

Rob Wreglesworth

Rob has come to terms with the fact he will probably never be a famous rock star....but that hasn't stopped him from writing and recording music in his home studio. Rob has over 15 years experience of recording music at home.

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