Does The AT2020 Have A Mute Button?

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The Audio-Technica AT2020 cardioid condenser microphone is one of those mics that has become iconic in its own right. This mic has become a legend of home studios and streaming and is widely used because of its impressive abilities and toughness. However, one feature that many look for in a mic is a mute button. Does the AT2020 have a mute button?

The AT2020 does not have a mute button. Neither the XLR nor the USB versions of the AT2020 condenser mic have a built-in mute button, but there are ways to mute a microphone without one. Using an inline mute switch is the best option for those who want to be able to mute the mic quickly.

The AT2020 is a very popular microphone among those who do home recordings and those who are avid streamers or online gamers. This microphone is cheaper than most other condenser microphones while offering premium mic quality, which makes it perfect for those who need a good mic on a budget. However, many who use this mic are looking for a quick mute switch. Is there a way to easily mute the At2020? Let’s find out!

Does The Audio-Technica AT2020 Have A Mute Button?

The Audio-Technica AT2020 condenser microphone has become a favorite among many who record their own music, have home studios, streamers, and gamers.

This mic consistently outperforms many other condenser mics in its class and boasts impressive audio quality, clarity, versatility, and toughness, which makes it perfect for non-professionals or for those who are just starting out their recording journey.

The AT2020 is also far more affordable compared to other condenser microphones in its weight class, which is also why it has become so popular all over the globe.

While the AT2020 is incredibly versatile and able to perform well under many circumstances, including recording, the AT2020 has found a home with streamers and gamers, who have a very specific set of needs from their microphones.

One such specific need is the ability to quickly mute the microphone that they are using. This is a feature that only very condenser microphones have, and unfortunately, the AT2020 is not one of them.

The AT2020 does not have a mute button. This is virtually the only drawback to this microphone, and there are plenty of ways around this problem.

The high performance of this mic compared to almost every other mic in its price bracket, as well as the features that this mic is equipped with, are more than enough to outweigh its lack of a mute button.

Do not be deterred because the AT2020 does not have a mute button, as there are plenty of solutions to the problem that are simple to install and will not increase the overall price of the microphone too much.

Does The USB Version Of The Mic Have A Mute Button?

Audio-Technica has recognized that the AT2020 has become incredibly popular with gamers and streamers and has since released a USB version of the microphone that can be easily plugged into any computer or gaming console.

The AT2020USB+ offers the same microphone quality as the standard XLR AT2020, with the added convenience of being USB compatible.

This microphone is just as capable as the standard microphone, and its performance will not disappoint, regardless of what you are using it for. This mic comes packed with extra features such as a built-in headphone amp and a 3.5mm headphone input jack that allows you to hear what the microphone is picking up without any delay.

However, despite all of its impressive extra features, this version of the AT2020 does not have a mute button either.

The reason why this microphone does not have a mute button is probably to keep the price of the microphone as low as possible without compromising on any important microphone features and microphone quality.

Despite the fact that the AT2020USB+ does not have a mute button, it is still the perfect USB mic for almost every application and should not be disregarded because of it.

Muting a USB microphone can be even more simple than muting a standard XLR microphone, so do not be turned away from the AT2020USB+, but rather embrace its high-quality performance and find an external means of muting the microphone.

Is There A Way To Easily Mute The AT2020?

Muting a microphone quickly and easily is an important ability for many who use either the standard XLR version or the USB version of the AT2020, and the fact that this mic does not have a built-in mute button may be a deal-breaker for many who are looking for a good condenser mic.

That being said, the performance and quality of the AT2020 and the AT2020USB+ should stand for themselves, and the fact that it does not have a mute switch should not be a major issue when the rest of the features of this microphone are taken into consideration.

If you want the quality and performance of the AT2020 microphone, and the ability to quickly mute the mic at a moment’s notice, there are ways to get it done.

Let’s go over some of the simplest methods of quickly muting the AT2020 and the AT2020USB+

How To Quickly Mute An XLR Condenser Microphone

Quickly muting an AT2020 is more simple than you may think. There are various options that will all get the job done quickly and effectively.

The most obvious solution for this is to run the XLR version of the microphone through a small mixing console or audio interface that has a volume control, mute button, or a kill switch on the mic channel, or for the overall output of the unit.

Because the AT2020 is a condesner microphone and it will require phantom power to be switched on on your interface or mixer. Simply switching the phantom power switch off will effectively mute the AT2020 as it will not work without phantom power.

Using an interface or a console may seem like a bit much just for a mute button, but this equipment can be used for many purposes and may open up doors for new uses for your microphone, so they are well worth the investment.

The next best thing and an even more simple option is an inline microphone mute switch such as the Shure WA360 or the Pro Co Sign Of Latching Mic Switch.

Both of these are mute buttons that are set up inline between your mic and whatever it is plugged into. They effectively mute the signal from the mic entirely.

The Pro Co unit is especially useful as it is a footswitch that is very easily accessible.

How To Quickly Mute A USB Microphone Such As The AT2020USB+

Muting a USB microphone can be as simple as muting it on the VoIP software that you are using or muting the mic input on your computer. However, this is not always a very accessible option for every user.

The easiest and cheapest method for adding a mute button to an AT2020USB+ is to use a powered USB hub that has a power switch.

By using a powered USB hub with a power switch, the microphone can be plugged into the hub rather than into the console or computer, and when the mic needs to be muted, it as simple as switching off the USB hub. Or switching off the individual port which is an option on many powered USB hubs such as the one pictured below.

This method has been proven to be very useful and effective by many USB microphone users, especially those who use a condenser mic while gaming.


The AT2020 condenser mic from Audio-Technica, whether the standard mic or the USB version, does not have a mute button.

This may be a reason not to get one for many users, but it is important to consider the overall quality and performance of the microphone before disregarding it for its lack of a mute button.

The AT2020 is one of the leading microphones in its class and price range and offers much more to the user than almost any other affordable condenser mic. The USB version has many impressive features that bring it to the forefront of its class.

To get around the lack of a mute button for either version of the AT2020, the best solution is to use an inline microphone mute switch.

The AT2020 is compatible with any standard XLR mic mute switch, but the best way to mute the USB version f the mic is to use a USB hub with a power switch to turn off the microphone when you want to mute it.

The AT2020 is the perfect microphone for any home studio and for all streamers and gamers who care about microphone quality. Don’t let the lack of a mute button put you off; the AT2020 may be the perfect mic for you!

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