Secret Santa or Christmas Gifts For Guitarists

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The 2020 holiday season is upon us. Some of the most difficult people to buy for are guitar players. Guitarists tend to be very particular and it can be hard to find just the right gifts, especially if you aren’t familiar with the guitar, guitar accessories and different types of gear. 

But don’t worry. As a guitar player, I’m here to help you choose something the guitarist on your list can get great use out of. Here is a comprehensive guide of gift ideas for every guitar player.

Gifts For Guitarists Under $10

Skip the tuner, capo and guitar picks. Chances are, they already have these. Consider some of these useful gifts that guitarists will appreciate.

Guitar Chord Cheat Sheet

This laminated 4” x 6” sheet is nice to have for beginner to intermediate players. It has diagrams of Major, Maj6, Maj7, Maj9, minor, min6, min7, min9 and so on guitar chords. 

It’s everything you need in a compact, convenient size. If I had this when I was starting out, I’d probably be a much better player now.

Guitar Chord Stamp

This stamp provides an easy way for guitarists to write chord diagrams on paper without having to use a ruler to draw chord charts. It’s functional for visual players who write down the chords to songs they are learning, as it saves tons of time.

16GB Acoustic Guitar USB Flash Drive

This 16GB Flash Drive is shaped like a guitar and comes apart to reveal a USB stick. Gift it for guitarists with lots of files!

Gifts For Guitarists Under $20

String Swing Guitar Hanger and Wall Mount

My dad gave me an amazing piece of advice when I first picked up the guitar. Don’t throw it in the closet when you’re done playing, keep it out where you can see it. This means you will be more likely to pick it up and play. I’ve found this to be very true.

Hanging a guitar on the wall not only provides extra floor space, but it also gives the room a classy look and an easy way to access your guitar. These handy wall hangers and mounts come in two different wood types, will hold any type of neck shape, and are used in homes, music shops and museums around the world.

Guitar Pick Collection Case

Ask any guitar player, and they’ll tell you; over time, we collect picks. And picks, and more picks. We get them from music stores, we get them as gifts, we accidentally pocket them from our friends. Instead of buying us more picks, this Guitar Pick Collection Case would be an awesome thing to have to give us a place to store them.

This Guitar Pick Collection Case has page protectors with pockets specifically designed to fit guitar picks. It holds 225 of them, and it’s small enough to throw in a gig bag or squeeze into a tight space on a shelf. It’s also great for people who collect autographed guitar picks or famous guitarist memorabilia. 

Dunlop 6504 System 65 Guitar Tech Kit

A guitar cleaning kit is a great, functional gift for a guitar player. In my personal experience, too many guitarists rarely clean their guitar fretboards and body. Nothing feels better than a freshly polished guitar, so this Dunlop Guitar Cleaning Kit is a great choice. It includes guitar polish, lemon oil fretboard cleaner, string cleaner and conditioner, a string winder and two microfiber cloths. 

It’s also a great option if you need to subtlety tell someone their guitar is too gunky.

Acoustic Guitar Shirt

This is one of the coolest guitar shirt designs I’ve seen! It’s perfect for the acoustic guitar player that prefers a simple and clean design. It comes in gray and white, and at this price, you just can’t beat it.

Guitar Coffee Teaspoons

If the guitar player on your list plays like it’s their job – or, playing is their job – they’ll love these coffee spoons that are shaped like guitars. 

It’ll come in handy when they’re up at 1 am playing and need some caffeine, and serves as a little reminder to keep on practicing.

Snark Clip-On Tuner

Music venues get loud, which makes it difficult to tune an instrument if you have a tuner that uses a microphone. This tuner picks up the frequency by vibration, allowing you to tune a guitar even in the loudest venues.

Gifts For Guitarists Under $50

Guitar Center Gift Card (Or whatever music shop they prefer)

One gift that you cannot go wrong with is simply a music store gift card. It can go toward a set of strings or a pedal, or maybe it will give them the extra cash they need for a new guitar or amp.

Whatever denomination, I guarantee the guitar player on your list will appreciate it.

Strat Cutting Board

Why cut veggies on a boring old cutting board when you could use one shaped like a strat? This unique cooking-guitar gift will be great for a musician with chops.

Gifts for Guitarists Under $100

Guitar Seat with Built-In Guitar Stand

This combo guitar seat and stand is awesome for solo performers. It gives you a comfortable padded cushion to sit and play on, as well as a stand to hold your guitar. It collapses easily and is a breeze to travel with.

Acoustic/Classical Leather Guitar Gig Bag

Working musicians have a lot of heavy equipment to haul around. If they play in a big city, traveling with gear is even harder. This backpack gig bag is extremely high-quality and gives guitars ultimate protection. It’s the protection of a hard case with the ability to carry the instrument on your back.

Cable Organizer Bag

As I stated before, gigging musicians have a lot of equipment to carry and bring to venues. A cable organizer bag will be immensely helpful in organizing all kinds of cables, as well as a 13-inch laptop.

The removable dividers make customization easy, and the bag is padded for easy carrying and protection.

Hopefully, the idea of getting a gift for a guitar player isn’t so daunting anymore. There are tons of great options that I didn’t list here, too. 

I would also recommend asking the guitar player on your list what their favorite guitar maker is, who their favorite guitar player and their favorite album is, and more personal questions to further curate the perfect gift for them.

Thanks for reading, and have a rocking holiday!

Celeste O'Connor

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