How To Add Sample Packs To Fl Studio 12

How To Add Sample Packs To Fl Studio 12

Looking to add samples packs to FL Studio 12?

The process is simple, but if you want to be able to access your samples and sample packs from the FL Studio browser, it must be done in a specific way.

Just follow these three simple steps and you should be good to go!

Step #1 – Download & Organize Your Samples

Download & Organize Your Samples

If you have yet to download your samples or sample packs, go ahead and do that now. By default, your samples will be downloaded to your system “Downloads” folder or equivalent. You’re not going to want to keep the files there, though.

While you can add one samples folder at a time in FL Studio, a better and more efficient way to stay organized is to put all your samples in one, consolidated folder. You could name it “My Samples,” “Downloaded Samples,” or “Third Party Samples” – basically anything that would indicate that these aren’t FL Studio native samples (or a sample pack that was included in your original purchase).

Make sure you know the location of the folder, and if necessary, note down its location on a piece of paper now. You could create a folder on your desktop, in your “Documents” folder, or possibly in the FL Studio program folder – just make sure it’s a location you’ll remember to look.

Step #2 – Designate The Location Of Your Sample Library In FL Studio

Designate The Location Of Your Sample Library In FL Studio

Now we need to tell the FL Studio DAW where your sample library is located.

Click on “Options” in the upper left-hand side of the screen, and then click on “File settings.” A new window will pop up.

Look for the section labeled “Browser extra search folders” or similar. Click on a folder icon with nothing assigned to it, and a window should pop up, prompting you to specify the folder you want to add. Navigate to the samples folder you created in step #1 and select it. Click “OK” and your samples will automatically be added to the FL Studio browser.

Step #3 – Done!

FL Studio browser

That’s about all there is to it.

You should now be able to view your samples from the browser and click on them to audition them or drag them from the browser directly into the playlist or channel rack to make use of them in your project.

Any new samples you add to your consolidated folder should now show up in the FL Studio browser as well.

Alternative Ways To Add Your Sample Packs To FL Studio 12 (& Other Versions)

There are other ways of adding samples and sample packs to FL Studio. These methods may not be quite as useful (especially for sample packs), but depending on the situation, for efficiency, you might take advantage.

1. Drag & Drop

This method will prove less useful to those who want to add entire sample packs or libraries to FL Studio (especially to FL Studio’s browser). But if you have a single file, or maybe a small number of files you want to bring into your project, this method works.

  1. Find the folder on your computer containing the audio samples and open it.
  2. Drag the file(s) from the folder directly onto the FL Studio playlist.
  3. Done – FL Studio will have automatically added the sample to a new channel and created an instance of the clip in the playlist (i.e., you should be able to see the sample’s waveform).

2. Add A Sample Manually

You can manually create an “Audio Clip” channel and import audio into FL Studio.

  1. Click the “+” sign at the bottom of the channel rack panel. Then click “Audio Clip” under the Misc section.
  2. Select the channel you just created. This will open the channel settings windows. Select the directory icon in the upper left-hand side. This will open a browser window.
  3. Locate the audio samples folder and choose the file you want to use. Click “Open.”
  4. Done – the sample has been added to the audio clip channel and you can do with it as you please.

How To Add Sample Packs To Fl Studio 12, Final Thoughts

Each iteration of FL Studio is a little different. If the above doesn’t work, chances are you just need to find similar options in the panels and menus. They’re probably still there, even if they’re located elsewhere or labeled differently!

Now you should be able to add sample packs to FL Studio 12 without worrying about your system getting cluttered and chaotic. Enjoy!

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